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"building people to build nations"

We send long-term staff and short-term professionals 

to train leaders in emerging nations so that they

can train others - building their nations and

bringing hope to future generations.


The work of REI is diverse in each emerging nation where we focus. Through education and medicine, business and agriculture, our highly skilled staff are training and developing others in five countries.

As a non-profit, our organization and staff are financially supported by monthly and annual donations. Give today to be a part of building people to build nations! 

REI staff and apprentices partner long-term in our five focus countries and volunteers take annual short-term trips. If your professional goals for international development match ours, come with us!

REI-Djibouti staff are hard at work. The International School of Djibouti continues to thrive. Students recently went on a fun field trip to Djibouti’s lighthouse and to a Women’s Project House. At the lighthouse, they learned a bit of history of this port city. At the project house, the kids learned how local women are making jewelry out of paper beads and even got to practice making their own beads! They also learned how to make cinnamon rolls and made their own delicious treats that were quickly devoured!

Skilled, knowledgeable, and noble-hearted men and women in a

nation’s strategic sectors investing their lives in others to build their

nation and inspire hope for future generations.