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Central Asia’s Silk Road—far beyond historic notions of camel caravans lumbering across desert sands—is alive with possibility and opportunity as the crossroads of Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The five republics of Central Asia that emerged from the former Soviet Union are eager to host a new Silk Road of commerce and peaceful development. 

REI relaunched in the countries of Central Asia in late 2019, after a brief hiatus. Building on a legacy of REI investment in “building people to build nations” since 1992 in this region, REI’s regional leaders have recruited country leaders to help re-open Uzbekistan and help open and start up a new university—the Samarkand International University of Technology.

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Samarkand . . . even the name evokes images of the exotic and mysterious. The capital of ancient Persian, Arabic, Mongol and Turkic empires. One of the oldest continuously inhabited cities of Central Asia.


Once, Samarkand, Uzbekistan was the crossroads of the Silk Road from China and India to the Mediterranean, boasting its iconic images of the Registan (historic mosque/madrasa complex) as the center of Islamic learning and medieval science, Samarkand is now about to become the center for earth, energy, and environmental education this September with the opening of the new Samarkand International University of Technology (SIUT).

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REI has the distinct privilege of providing resources to help launch the Samarkand International University of Technology (SIUT) in 2023 in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. 

The mission of SIUT is to train highly qualified, world-class engineering personnel who will serve the comprehensive development of Uzbekistan's economy, increasing their global influence and interstate cooperation in the name of peace and progress. The main goal is to tran highly qualified engineering and technical personnel at international educational standards who are capable of solving the most important scientific, technological and production tasks.

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