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training highlights

The training you will receive before joining a REI short-term professional team covers topics such as leadership, relationships, thriving, development, and many more.

You will receive a training handbook that provides information regarding REI’s key contacts and REI’s distinctives as well as general aspects specific to how your short-term team will function in your country.


Once you arrive on the field with your team, you will continue to receive training in cultural adaptation while working cross culturally with your team.


Below are snapshots of different areas covered in your short-term professional team handbook.

general trip information

We recognize that it requires significant time and resources to volunteer and serve on a short-term trip. Our goal is to prepare you as best we can to have the optimal experience.


Our objective is to provide clear information about things like how to prepare for your trip (including information on recommended vaccines and medication as well as suggestions for packing); what to do at the airport and tips for your long-haul flight; and important information upon your arrival.

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cross-cultural experience

Your trip will be short and go by fast, so we want to help you prepare for the cross-cultural experience. While you will have a meaningful impact on those you go to serve, you will also undoubtedly be significantly impacted as well.

To provide some ease for the culture shock you may experience, we aim to provide key information regarding practical things like transportation, safety issues, currency, water & food, shopping & supermarkets, phone & internet usage.

the country and the people

We know that when heading to a foreign country, ignorance is not bliss. Before you leave with your team for your trip, we will provide you with some basic but important information about the country you’re going to and the people you will be working with.

This information will help you know how to appropriately thank your national hosts, how to greet your national colleagues, what kind of gifts are appropriate, etc.

keys to success

It’s no secret that serving overseas has its challenges. We don’t sugarcoat these obstacles you will face, but we do equip you for success on the field. We follow time-honored principles that have helped millions succeed.


First, we serve in teams. Having others around you who have faced similar challenges will help you as you navigate them. Teams provide support and encouragement for personal growth, help increase your job satisfaction and reduce stress.


Second, we are grateful for all that comes our way. Even through the ups and downs, we choose to see the good in all situations.


Finally, we adhere to our vision, mission, and values in all we do.

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