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In Vietnam, REI partners with hospitals, universities, and organizations to develop leaders in their fields. We equip professionals with a vision to pass on their knowledge and skills to create a multiplying impact. Our holistic approach builds people to build their nation.


Our resident team and short-term professional teams provide training in the fields of agriculture, business, education, medicine, and social work. Since 1992, REI has sent more than 600 professionals on more than 1,400 trips to provide training, coaching and mentoring.

What is the most important part of a car? Wheels, fenders, radiator? Any vehicle will require a number of necessary parts to function properly, but most people would agree that the engine is the most crucial element. In REI-Vietnam, we might consider our Hanoi Project Office as the engine (or at least the engine block) of our work here in Vietnam.

REI Resident Staff invest long-term in Vietnam through English education, professional development, and social work programs. Our professionals interact daily with faculty, students, and future leaders. REI’s Apprentice Program offers a 1-2 year service opportunity in multiple degree fields. 

REI volunteers invest 1-2 weeks passing on their skills and expertise in advanced medicine and nursing, business training, educational professional development, English teaching, and social work. Established relationships and partnerships allow volunteers to return each year.