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REI opened Mongolia in 2022 with staff who provide English training to faculty and students at the Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences in Darkhan, as well as recruit staff to provide training in other strategic sectors.

Immediate opportunities to expand abound, including training at medical universities and hospitals as well as training in specialized beef production that can help with the overgrazing that contributes to Mongolia's desertification.

1. The “Land of the Eternal Blue Sky” boasts over 250 sunny days a year. It’s no wonder that Mongolian people are relaxed, calm, friendly and hospitable.

2. The annual camel festival includes camel polo, races, a contest for “Best-looking Couple on Camelback,” and a skill-challenging camel marathon.

3. One of the world’s most famous conquerors was Chinggis Khan (“Universal Ruler”), known for warfare but celebrated for peace. His warriors conquered the largest land empire in history, the Mongol Empire, which expanded to cover most of Eurasia from 1206-1368.

"сайн уу, сайн уу!” (pronounced san-oh, san-oh) Hello! How are you?


Greetings from Gary and Scarlett Patton, pioneers for REI in Mongolia. We serve as English teachers at the Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences (MNUMS) in Darkhan province of northern Mongolia. This spring semester we are tutoring the dean of the university, his top four advisors, and many of the lecturers and researchers at the medical university.


As they gain confidence speaking English, these leaders can more easily interact at the international level, thus improving their opportunities to share research and modernize healthcare in Mongolia.

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