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Image by Ioana Farcas

rei country programs


Camel caravans beset by raiding nomads disappeared long ago from the ancient Silk Road.  Today, along the newly revived Silk Road, REI builds capacity for peace, education, and economic development.


Rugged mountains contrast with spectacular coasts in this small country. REI works to bring transformation and economic opportunity through education and business..


In a country once famous for midwifery, most births are delivered by cesarean. REI’s certified doula is equipping maternity doctors and nurses in natural childbirth.


Life may seem idyllic on a tropical island, but millions live on only $2 per day. REI is building rural communities and families through dried fruit production and training centers.


The warm hearts of local medical professionals are eager to learn. REI partners in medical and medical English teaching provide access to global research.

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This gem of a country is known for its rich history and hospitality. REI works with local professionals seeking training from skilled experts in their fields.

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