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Want to make an impact professionally and personally? You can invest your time and knowledge in real-world problem solving and development in an emerging nation. Train someone in your field who will then invest in others to develop their nation—a multiplying effect.

Making Your Difference

Making Your Difference

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We are always in search of co-laborers who have a passion to help us in our mission of "building people to build nations." Join us as a long-term overseas staff member in one of our seven locations around the world. Work in your field side by side with our staff and locals. Invest your life in someone who will go on to invest their life in someone.



As an apprentice, you have a unique opportunity to use your degree overseas to grow personally and expand professionally. Refine your skills and build relationships by working alongside REI staff and nationals. Combine your passion for the nations with your field of study in our two-year postgraduate apprentice program.



Internships take place for four to eight weeks in the summertime. You will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in your field while being abroad, learning a new language and culture. You will share your life, values, and culture with local people, and glean the same from them. This is a great opportunity to grow personally and professionally.



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Join one of our short-term professional trips (1-4 weeks). You will be led and coached by both Americans and nationals, and will contribute your expertise to develop eager nationals who desire to grow and learn from you. This is a life-changing opportunity for both you and the nationals we serve. For more information about short-term professional opportunities, please contact us at

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