REI has created the only known dehydrated fruit company in Indonesia through small village-based production facilities. "SunREI Food Products” now sends dehydrated fruits to markets around the globe.   The successful business trains local employees and develops entrepreneurial leaders. Led by veteran staff, the team also includes young expat professional engineers and engineering students. SunREI now partners with the newly-formed Indonesian non-profit organization “Foundation for the Development of the Whole Person.”


In the United States, apples rule. They are grown in all 50 states – red, green and golden, just waiting for us to take a bite. We eat apple pie, applesauce, and apple salad, and drink apple cider. In fact, every American consumes, on average, 46 pounds of apples a year. But in many other countries, it’s all about mangos. In fact, ten times more mangos are consumed worldwide than apples.


Java Bite products bring the great taste of Indonesian fruit to the rest of the world and bring hope to the villages where they are produced! REI leaders have been able to create a quality product that is reaching wider markets, decreasing in production costs, and adding value by improving the lives of those involved. Learn more about Java Bites- snacks with impact!

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