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frequently asked questions

Is it safe?

Yes. You will learn to understand your context and you will be a part of a team with experienced country leaders who have established community with local partners. While REI staff do work in some challenging and developing places in the world, these cities are generally very safe.

How is safety maintained?

Country leaders oversee each country team, providing guidelines for the team to follow to maintain safety. Country leaders have identified local emergency and medical services and understand how to use these systems.

What happens if there's an emergency?

REI has a Crisis Manager in our headquarter office who works with country leaders and a home team to determine the steps necessary depending on the type of emergency. In the case of a medical emergency, REI has the insurance and the process to medically evacuate staff if necessary.

How is this funded?

Your salary will be self-funded. You will need to build a team of donors who will invest in your work through REI. REI will use these donor-raised funds, designated to you, to cover your health insurance, taxes and monthly salary.

Is there training on how to fundraise?

Yes, REI provides training, support and mentoring for fundraising.

Where will I live?

Often, as part of your initial language acquisition and cultural adaptation, you will have the opportunity to live with a host family for a few weeks. Otherwise, your country leaders will provide guidance and assistance in setting up housing on the field.

How will I get around?

Country leaders are responsible to provide orientation for the public transportation available as well as other possible means of transportation like motor bikes/mopeds in southeast Asia.

Do I need to learn a new language?

Yes, you will have the opportunity to prioritize language learning in order to increase effectiveness in any workplace settings as well as in building relationships and connecting well with the local community.

What is the language learning process?

Country leaders may provide host families for the initial first weeks of language and culture exposure. In some countries, language classes are provided and in others there are opportunities to work one on one with a language teacher/tutor.

What kind of training will I get before going overseas?

You will have a 5-day New Staff Orientation that provides opportunities to connect with REI’s headquarter staff and learn all about REI’s distinctives as well as general aspects of your new role with REI. You will also receive training to begin fundraising. At the end of this aspect of training you become REI staff and will be commissioned.


 You will then spend the next three months (more if necessary) focused on fundraising and meeting with a fundraising coach who will provide guidance and accountability.


You will then have a 4-week Pre-Field Training where you will receive training in cultural adaptation, how to thrive overseas and in a team, how to maintain communication with your donor team as well as interacting and connecting with the REI home team.

Once you arrive on the field, you will continue to receive training in cultural adaptation and working cross culturally with a team

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