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Birthing babies, and families, in Egypt

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

The act of giving birth should not be a traumatic experience for mom, dad, or baby. Recently founded and now led by REI Staff member Lydia, the Birth Guardian Academy and Sanctuary is working hard to change that paradigm in Egypt. Statistics show that 89 percent of women in Egypt describe their birth experience as traumatic. Ninety to ninety-five percent of them suffer some form of postpartum depression after the birth, with no place to go for help.

At the Birth Guardian Academy and Sanctuary, Lydia is training certified doulas, and educating medical professionals. While she is passionate about bringing new life into this world, she also focuses on the emotional and spiritual well-being of the family.

Certified doulas are needed to prepare couples for the birth, what to expect during labor, and educate them about their options regarding the birth of their child. These doulas empower soon-to-be parents to make informed, intuitive, evidence-based decisions.

Born gently in water, mom, dad and baby girl enjoy meeting each other for the first time

The first class at the Academy was a mix of prospective doulas, OB/GYN’s, pediatricians, and family practice doctors. It was an amazing success! Imagine how rewarding it was having physicians in attendance who had never seen a natural birth that did not include medical interventions. They came into the class believing that birth was not possible without their help!

Two medical students, a general practice physician, and an OB/GYN enjoy tea in the Sanctuary outside the Academy. Two of the women will soon be attending the Birth Guardian training.

Your support of Lydia and REI is allowing her to make a difference in the lives of these families. Birth Guardian Doulas not only birth babies, but "birth" mothers and fathers as well. Families come out of their birth experience happy, emotionally healthy, and spiritually grounded.

Skin-to-skin contact with their babies prepares dads for fatherhood

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