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Djibouti Initiatives

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

REI-Djibouti staff are hard at work.

The International School of Djibouti continues to thrive.

Students went on a fun field trip to Djibouti’s lighthouse and to a Women’s Project House.

At the lighthouse, they learned a bit of history of this port city.

At the project house, the kids learned how local women are making jewelry out of paper beads and even got to practice making their own beads! They also learned how to make cinnamon rolls and made their own delicious treats that were quickly devoured.

Students continue to participate in after school activities like sports, art, and drama, and of course are learning during the school day!

REI staff also continue to relate with the broader community through partnering with a research organization, book clubs and literary discussions, sports participation, English-language tutoring, and all the daily life activities that are part of living in a community.

Djibouti has faced some unique challenges as a country this year. In November there was a massive flood that destroyed homes and roads, killed several people, and brought a massive influx of locusts, flies, and mosquitoes.

On the heels of the flood, came a disease new to the country: Chikungunya. This is mosquito-born and can be quite serious, depending on a person’s immune system and current health status.

A positive highlight is that REI staff, Kirk and Krystal Galster welcomed their new baby, Kanaan, into the world! We are all thrilled to have another adorable baby to hold and love and play with.

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