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Meet Alec Baca - REI Laos

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

This fall, our team in Laos was happy to receive a new, short-term partner in REI’s work. Alec Baca, a recent graduate from University of Minnesota, landed on the ground after finishing his undergraduate degree in 2017.

Alec’s passion to use his medical career to serve others led to a study abroad in India focusing on sustainable medical work in developing countries. He describes: “From the lectures, excursions, and research, I saw how fascinating and beautiful Indian culture was and grew a desire to experience more of the world.” This ignited more than a desire, it propelled him into action. With the option to defer his admissions into medical school, Alec began pursuing opportunities to spend a year investing in others before following his next step at the Medical School of Wisconsin.

Connecting his desires and skills, Alec decided to become a part of the REI work in Laos. Alec’s summer after finishing his undergraduate degree was spent in preparation for his time in Laos. Along with a week of orientation at the REI Global Office, he trained in Minneapolis as a TEFL teacher while completely raising his salary. Alec is now beginning his year as a medical English teacher at the only medical school in Laos! All the best to Alec as he learns firsthand about building people to build nations.

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