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Meet Rachel Pieh Jones - REI Djibouti

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Rachel Pieh Jones has been volunteering with REI in Djibouti since 2004. Partnering with her husband Tom as he launches the International School of Djibouti, Rachel also fills her time writing, running, and welcoming new teachers to the school. How does she combine being a mom, following her passions and building people to build nations? You can head over to her website to find out. From discussing the heartbreak of raising your kids from a distance to the practicalities of life in the sweltering heat of Djibouti, Rachel provides words to describe the intangible:

“For anyone who struggles to learn a language, for people overwhelmed by poverty or confused by the faith differences they encounter, for people in the throes of culture shock or trying to navigate work relationships while living abroad, this blog provides encouragement, inspiration, empathy, and community.”

Much more information can be found on her website! Look into her recipes for cooking in Djibouti, gear for hot-running and tips for countless nuances in international travel. As Rachel puts it, “welcome and join the conversation.”

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