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REI Advancement: Reaching New Heights Through Engagement and Expansion

Updated: Mar 5

By Paul Yankey, Chief Advancement Officer, REI HQ


Excitement is brewing for REI Advancement, as we witness the seeds of innovation blossom into meaningful connections and impactful work. Our efforts to engage with new and existing donors, cultivate partnerships with leading foundations, and explore exciting international opportunities are propelling REI towards a future brimming with possibility.

Paul Yankey with longtime donor and REI champion, Sam Beler

Connecting with Passion: At the heart of our work lies a fundamental commitment to building and strengthening relationships. We've seen terrific traction in our outreach to both new and longtime donors. This translates into more individuals joining our mission and providing the stewardship that underpins REI. Whether it's through engaging events, targeted communication, or simply fostering genuine connections, we're cultivating a vibrant community of supporters who share our vision.

Building Strategic Partnerships: Our efforts extend beyond individual donors. We're making tremendous progress connecting with a vetted and curated list of like-minded foundations and grants. This strategic approach is our start to tap into valuable resources that align with our core values and amplify our impact. By joining forces with organizations who share our purpose, we can collectively achieve more than we could individually.

Paul Yankey and U.S. Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Jonathan Henick, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Exploring New Frontiers: The world beyond our borders holds exciting possibilities for collaboration. Due in part to a unique relationship stemming from high school, I am thankful to have a friendship with the U.S. Ambassador in Uzbekistan. This has now led to an upcoming in-person meeting with the Uzbekistan Ambassador in D.C.; we're poised to explore a dynamic new frontier. This potential partnership opens doors to exciting opportunities for international collaboration and partnership. 

Looking Ahead with Optimism: The progress we've made at REI is just the beginning. We're excited to leverage the momentum we've built and channel it into even greater achievements. This includes:

  • Expanding our engagement efforts: We'll continue to cultivate relationships with new and existing donors, fostering a diverse and dynamic community of supporters.

  • Deepening strategic partnerships: We'll work hand-in-hand with foundations and grants, leveraging their expertise and resources to maximize our impact.

  • Exploring international opportunities: We'll build upon the promising prospects in Uzbekistan and seek out other collaborations that align with our values and mission.


Paul Yankey speaking to College of Business students on Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Samarkand International University of Technology

These are just a few highlights of the exciting work unfolding at REI. We're driven by a shared passion and purpose and a deep belief in the power of collaboration. As we continue to engage, innovate, and explore, we're confident that REI's future will be one of extraordinary impact and lasting change.

Paul Yankey meeting with longtime REI partner and supporter, Georganne Perkins

Join us on this journey! Whether you're a passionate donor, a like-minded organization, or simply someone who believes in our mission of building people to build nations, there are countless ways to get involved. Visit our website to learn more, connect with our team, and discover how you can contribute to shaping a path of hope and impact. 


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