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Serving the People of Vietnam, From Afar

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

While Vietnam remains closed to outsiders, REI leads

online seminars instead of in-person trips.

This has been a challenging time for us all as we face yet another surge of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Vietnam’s boarder remains closed, except for essential persons. And all of REI’s short-term professional teams, both medical and business, are not able to travel.

Yet the work of several of our teams is moving forward through virtual training. REI has been able to continue to build people to build nations through a partnership with Azusa Pacific University’s entry-level Master’s in Nursing program and the hard work of Professor Dayna Holt and several additional faculty members.

Starting October 9 and running through November 25, there were various online training seminars and conferences hosted at six of Hanoi’s leading hospitals, attended by department heads, doctors, and nurses. Participants also included doctors and nurses from provincial hospitals in northern and central Vietnam.

Here is a list of the training seminars that took place:

1. Seminar on Central Venous Catheters, by Prof. Dayna Holt, Nursing Faculty, Azusa Pacific University, October 9, hosted at Viet Duc Hospital

2. Scientific Conference on Nursing Care, by Kathie Cowie, Nurse Practitioner, October 9, hosted at Viet Duc Hospital

3. Updating Nursing Process using a chat room style Q&A, by Kathie Cowie, Nurse Practitioner, October 26, hosted at Bach Mai Hospital

4. Why Postpartum depression (PPD) screening is an important Nursing intervention, by Dr. Bridget Miranda, November 3, hosted at Hanoi OBGYN Hospital

5. Sleep Deprivation, Fatigue, and Patient Safety, by Dr Anna-Maria Gallo, October 29, hosted at Phu San OBGYN Hospital

6. COVID-19 and Pregnancy: Evidence – Based practice Considerations, by Dr. Teresa D. Butera, November 13, hosted at Phu San OBGYN Hospital

7. Infiltration and Extravasation, by Prof. Dayna Holt, November 25, hosted by National Children’s Hospital

REI feels a tremendous sense of gratitude for all our volunteer professionals. More importantly your commitment and love for the people of Vietnam is outstanding!

One faculty of nursing professor sent this response after receiving a thank you email:

It is our pleasure, professional responsibility, and an act of loving our neighbor (to serve).’

The act of loving your neighbor by our volunteers is demonstrated through efforts to prepare, sacrifice of time, work with technology across time zones, and commitment to teach and share leading-edge nursing practices to our Vietnamese friends and partners.

These online seminars still allow REI and professionals to

impact the people of Vietnam... in a new way!

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