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The International School has Started its FOURTH School Year!

This is a year of growth and change.

The International School of Djibouti (ISD) welcomed almost forty students in its regular day classes and expect as many as twenty in their afternoon English as a Second Language classes. When launched in 2016, with six students, it was hard to imagine the joyful bustle and noise and community life of that many students! They have come to ISD from Djibouti, Somalia, France, the UK, the USA, Denmark, Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, India, Peru, Korea, the Philippines, and more!

The ISD also has five new staff members and are so thankful to have two staff returning from last year. One of them has been with ISD from the very beginning and it is wonderful to have that consistency. This means that the ISD teaching staff comes from the USA, Germany, Kenya, and Djibouti.

Staff at ISD love the diversity and value of helping students navigate language and culture learning together.

The ISD also had to physically grow. With so many new students, many of them learning English for the first time, the school has added a special ESL classroom. This meant building a brand-new classroom on the roof of the school. Construction wasn’t quite finished for the first day of class, but the teachers and students have adjusted and been flexible while waiting to move in.

This school year will see ISD continue to offer extracurricular activities like soccer, swimming, art, and one of the most popular, Open Play. This is when they open the school's playground for parents and neighborhood families to drop off their kids for the afternoon. Kids learn when learning is fun, and a lot of English language is absorbed while they chase each other in tag or hurl balls in dodge ball.

The International School of Djibouti is looking forward to another great year of quality education, community building, and Building People to Build Nations!

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