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serve globally with rei

Want to make an impact professionally and personally? You can invest your time and knowledge in real-world problem solving and development in an emerging nation. Train someone in your field who will then invest in others to develop their nation—a multiplying effect.

"One should never underestimate the true value of investing time and self to benefit others, 

for as a result of this, not only has my own life been greatly enriched but also I am able to

introduce new concepts in Vietnam that are readily accepted."

- Kathie Cowie, REI Volunteer


serve long term

Teams of REI staff are strategically building human capacity in Djibouti, Egypt, Indonesia, Laos, and Vietnam. Our staff seeks to serve the whole person and use their professions to improve the standard of living on every level. If you are interested in investing in individuals long-term or want to develop your skills through a 2-year apprentice program, learn more today! For more information about long-term service opportunities, please contact us at


serve short term

Join one of our short-term professional trips (1-4 weeks). You will be led and coached by REI staff, both Americans and nationals, and will contribute your expertise to develop eager nationals who desire to grow and learn from you. This is a life-changing opportunity for both you and the nationals we serve. For more information about short-term service opportunities, please contact us at

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