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training highlights

The training you will receive before joining REI as a staff member is extensive and covers topics such as leadership, fundraising, relationships, thriving, development, and many more.

You will have a 5-day New Staff Orientation that provides opportunities to connect with REI’s headquarter staff and learn all about REI’s distinctives as well as general aspects of your new role with REI. You will also receive training to begin fundraising. At the end of this aspect of training you become REI staff and will be commissioned.


You will then spend the next three months (more if necessary) focused on fundraising and meeting with a fundraising coach who will provide guidance and accountability.


After that, you will have a 4-week Pre-Field Training where you will receive training in cultural adaptation, how to thrive overseas and in a team, how to maintain communication with your donor team as well as interacting and connecting with the REI home team.


Once you arrive on the field, you will continue to receive training in cultural adaptation and working cross culturally with a team.


Below are snapshots of different areas covered in your New Staff Orientation and Pre-Field Training.

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how we lead


serving single

family life

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partner development

keys to success

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