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"building people to build nations"

Two Djiboutian students from the Girls Run 2 club, coached by REI staff.

We send long-term staff and short-term professionals 

to train leaders in emerging nations so that they

can train others - building their nations and

bringing hope to future generations.


The work of REI is diverse in each emerging nation where we focus. Through education and medicine, business and agriculture, our highly skilled staff are training and developing others in six locations in Asia and Africa.

As a non-profit, our organization and staff are financially supported by monthly and annual donations. Give today to be a part of building people to build nations! 

REI staff and apprentices partner long-term in six locations in Asia and Africa, and volunteers take annual short-term trips. If your professional goals for international development match ours, come with us!

Doug with fermented horse milk seller.jpg

Doug enjoyed sampling fermented horse milk in Mongolia. 

He couldn’t be convinced buy any, though.

May 9, 2022

by K. Douglas Erdmann, President & CEO, REI

In April we let you know about two new countries REI is opening … Uzbekistan and Mongolia.  Joyce and I recently returned from visiting those countries, so I want to give you our “boots on the ground” impressions.


Twenty plus years ago REI was quite involved in Uzbekistan. A change in government forced all NGOs to leave, including REI. Another recent change in government has allowed us to return.  Many Uzbeks remember REI and are excited to see us back. . . 

Misty Slopes

"People of emerging nations filled with hope

as their countries are developed and their lives transformed"

East Java, Indonesia