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education programs

REI’s volunteers come from many professions. Learn more below about our programs:  

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business education

Each spring and fall a skilled and committed team of volunteers teaches in formal classroom presentations, mini-seminars, small group discussions, leadership coaching, alumni gatherings, and business student competitions. While some of the REI presenters serve as university instructors in the United States, our professionals are best known for their ‘practitioner’ experiences and personal histories.  Our team members’ expertise includes leadership, accounting, international business, entrepreneurship, human resource management, banking, finance, and marketing.

english education

REI’s qualified English educators work side by side with universities and the Ministry of Education and Training to design curriculum and train Vietnamese English teachers. Vietnam today has a growing emphasis on learning and teaching English language curriculum in science, technology, business, medicine, education, and English language. Each of our volunteers and staff receive CELTA certification or have completed degree programs in a TESOL-related field.

social work

REI partners with top universities, medical colleges, and hospitals to equip professionals and students who are tackling current challenges in this emerging field. Our work involves the development of social work curriculum, training, and supervision of faculty and students, and specialized workshops in counseling, domestic violence, suicide prevention and medical social work.

summer student exchange

REI has established partnerships with universities in the United States to promote cultural exchange through short-term summer teams. Led by REI staff, our student teams immerse themselves in the local culture and Vietnamese language, while passing on English language skills and developing lasting friendships with Vietnamese students. This is a life-changing experience for both Vietnamese and American students.

exchange fellowships

REI has hosted over 120 Vietnamese professionals and students for training fellowships in the United States. We work closely with our Vietnamese partners to select faculty, students, and young professionals to participate in this 3-12 week program.

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