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medical programs

REI empowers Vietnamese health professionals and builds capacity in hospitals and medical colleges through short-term medical teams, exchange fellowships in the United States, and ongoing training and development with Vietnam’s health professionals and systems. By working in national and city hospitals, we bring leading-edge medicine and nursing training, skills and procedures, patient care and curriculum that is multiplied to local hospitals and clinics.


Spring and fall medical teams bring varied focus and expertise:

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Volunteer ENT academicians and practitioners join together for lectures series and hands on demonstrations of surgical techniques in the operating room. Training medical personnel to perform these procedures, the teams multiply their efforts through intentional training and development. Both Spring and Fall ENT trips welcome physicians of other specialties as well.

Welcome to Vietnam

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Dental teams train and teach in classrooms, clinics, and labs to pass on skills and expertise. Teams bring modern research and techniques covering dental hygiene, jaw and breathing diagnosis and planning, TMJ and CRR treatment, and more.  

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nursing education

The focus of the nursing teams is to teach and model patient safety, care, infection control and evaluative techniques in Vietnam’s main hospitals and medical colleges. REI is working to improve nursing education by influencing curriculum development, teaching practices and faculty development.

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Volunteer teams have helped contribute to an 80% decrease in the initial infant mortality rate at National Children’s Hospital. Partnering with other strategic hospitals as well, the pediatric teams focus on cardiology, surgery, anesthesiology, pulmonology, dermatology, orthopedics

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gi-cardiology-pulmonology-critical care

Volunteer teams, working alongside Vietnamese doctors and medical professionals, bring training and advances in pediatric cardiology. The teams have included experts in ERCP, EUS, colonoscopy, therapeutic endoscopy, surgery, and diseases of the digestive tract. The team recently expanded to include other internal specialists such as adult cardiologists, cardiac electrophysiology, pulmonologists, and critical care. 



Our OB-GYN volunteers spend many hours making rounds with doctors and nurses in intensive care units, emergency rooms and operating rooms. Teaching and training sessions take place in lecture halls, small groups, and hospital wards. REI sends entire teams of OB-GYN specialists, but, more commonly as adjuncts to pediatric and mixed specialty teams.

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