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International Education On Track in Djibouti

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

One student’s painting from the summer art program

On September 13 The International School of Djibouti ("ISD") started a brand new school year and just like everyone else across the planet, this year will be unlike any year they have ever experienced. They have some ideas and plans for how things will go, but will hold to those plans loosely, knowing they might need to shift at any minute.

Though most students left Djibouti for the summer, some remained and Ms. Susan organized a summer art program. The kids and parents loved having something to do during the hot hot hot months!

This fall ISD has a wonderful staff team representing three countries, including a new Djiboutian hire as a classroom assistant. Their student population also hails from multiple countries from almost every continent.

Elementary school students are readers at ISD!

As of this writing, schools in Djibouti are allowed to have in-person, full-time classes. ISD’s priority, while providing quality education and a welcoming community, is keeping their students and staff healthy. To this end, they are following the Djiboutian government protocols, discussing situations with other international schools, and will be implementing their own safety procedures. These include a new outdoor handwashing station, temperature checks, and even more rigorous cleaning schedules.

Last year they heard from a family that, “Our children’s year at ISD was the best year they ever experienced at school.” And they consistently hear from parents that their children are happy and excited to get up in the morning to come to school. When some heard that their start date was delayed by two weeks because of border closures and travel constraints, some students cried. So when they heard that they will open and meet in-person, it was something their entire community was grateful for and looked forward to.

Entrance to the International School of Djibouti

The classrooms are freshly painted, the front gate is like new, the playground area has been updated to make it even safer for kids, and there is a growing list of fun extracurricular activities like a cooking class, swimming lessons, and basketball. As long as they can all remain healthy, 2020-2021 looks to be another wonderful year at The International School of Djibouti!

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