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Opportunity Awaits

By Scarlett Patton, Associate Country Leader, Mongolia

At Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences in Darkhan, Mongolia, students seek a career that is important for the future of their personal livelihood, family, and country. Competition for entry is fierce. Scores on their high school exams determine the eligibility and direction of their future.

“M” is a medical student who knocked on our office door. Her determination to improve her English motivated her to approach us for help with her essays. She wasn’t working on a university assignment; it was an exercise of self-help. Within a matter of weeks, we were interacting daily, and she was spending personal time with us on the weekends. With encouragement, her confidence level escalated, and she became involved in extra-curricular activities and applied for scholarships. Now she is continuing her studies and thriving in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. She is on track to become a doctor and is a leader among her peers. She shines light and love and has hope for a bright future.

"M" receiving a scholarship award

Recently, M sent us a card (unedited) illustrating her thoughts and feelings:

“Some people search their whole lives to find what I found in you. Still remember the day when I saw you first time at school. You never annoyed by my behavior. Now I realise that if you don’t help me at that time I could never change. You’re not only teacher but also architect of my life. You support me in any crisis moment. Sometimes I got you as a real friends, sometimes as parents and all times you help me as a well-wisher. I’m really happy to have you in my life.”

Scarlett with M

Teaching English at the medical university provides the opportunity to train the up-and-coming generation of healthcare professionals. These students will eventually practice, participate in international conferences, study abroad, share research, continue their professional education, pursue teaching or politics. As trusted educators, we are blessed with the opportunity not only to teach English, but to impact others by loving well, sharing encouragement, peace, and hope.

REI is currently recruiting trainers to serve in Mongolia in the areas of healthcare, English education, and specialty professions. You can make an everlasting difference in the development of an individual, a city, and a country. Ask yourself, “How can I use my skills and experience to make a lasting difference like this?” Opportunity awaits.

M with some friends and Gary and Scarlett Patton

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